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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find out if my parent needs care?

your parent will need to see a Needs Assessor from the District Health Board (DHB) to find out if they need care. A DHB Needs Assessor evaluates how much help a person needs in their daily life.

The DHB assessor will ask your parent questions about:

  • what they can and cannot do around the home

  • what help they need with daily tasks

The DHB assessor will tell your parent what kind of assistance they need. Your parent may be offered home help or be allowed to enter a rest home or hospital.

Do you offer supported living?

Yes. We have 8 beds available for Supported/ Assisted Living. services include house keeping, meal and laundry, Recreational activities. Services come in a package, which can usually be adapted to individual requirements. More personal services may be available for an additional fee

Is there a waitlist to get in?

Yes and No, its best to get in touch with us to find out current vacancy. we update vacancy on on regular basis.

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